Sunday, June 20, 2010

Don't Let Them Cut You, Man!

Today he told me that, after meeting with three urologists, he's "comfortable" with surgery.

I can't imagine how anyone can get comfortable with an operation that is going to remove their prostate, their seminal vesicles, some lymph nodes and the involuntary sphincter that controls their urine, but all I could say was: Go to a good surgeon then.

Here's what someone I met at the Proton Therapy Center at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas, told me about the way surgeons make their pitch. He was getting "salvage" proton therapy to cure his cancer after a prominent surgeon in New York City botched the job.

The urologist is a surgeon, and, no matter how well he covers your other options, his emphasis will be on a surgical solution. He's not likely to recommend another surgeon either. In his mind, he is your best option. Please the rest of this story here. Think about it!

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