Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Last month I was in UK attending the graduation ceremony of two of my daughters. After studying there for a good five years, they finally got their certificate to practice. Stephanie got hers last year and she has been helping out financially (in the areas of living expenses) for the other two sisters. Thank you Stephanie for supporting the two sisters and also their banker!
From August this year onward, all three are now working and they are all independent... and this also means paying back time! So on her pay day last month, Stephanie went to the teller machine and drawn two hundreds pounds twice and gave them to mum and dad separately! It was a nice feeling indeed to be on the receiving end first time!

Now, there is a  need to open an account so that they can continue to habitually deposit into that account from August onward so that the brothers will have an opportunity to study also later.
Talking about gratitude, I was saddened by what I read in the paper. Some children can be so heartless to forget about the sacrifices the parents put in. Read these two stories here and here.
I also notice that people are also very stingy when it comes to saying "Thank you". I was sitting in a coffee shop yesterday and observed a family across another table. As the father finished his meal, he stood up and went to pick up tissue papers for his two daughters and wife. As he distributed the tissue paper, not one of them even say thank you and worse, they look so unhappy and grumpy! Have you shown your gratitude today? If not, quickly go and say thank you to your parents or whoever.

feng shui 風水 Geomancy

I checked google translation and found that feng shui is translated to 風水 but not geomancy! So, are they the same thing? Anyway, that is not my concern.
Speaking very generally as they were sayings from my late parents:

  1. Do not block the front of your house, especially your main entrance, it must be clear. 
  2. Road must not "point" straight into the main entrance of the house; 
  3. Pointed roof or whatever is not good; 
  4. Kitchen must not face the entrance of another house; 
  5. Main entrance must not point to a road leading to another house; 
  6. Don't give away your own cooking utensils; etc... 
All this have to do with "wealth" and "fortune". Looking at ...
... this angle (from a house), it was envisaged that the good fortune might flow from one house to the other house (ie, if the saying is true)? So, to stop it, barrier must be built, eg, a tree could be planted (see picture above) or a wall could be built!
I know one thing for sure... talking across the fence is now not possible!
... Life is so interesting!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Parody election video

Singaporeans have been coming up with parody videos about their election experience and have been sharing them online. You need to understand mandarin to understand this video...

Enjoy! The joke came about from the way he pronounces some of the words.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

CPA Curtin Borneo Business Challenge Results

The CPA Curtin Borneo Business Challenge came to a close yesterday evening. The top three prices winners...
Third place went to non Curtin students.
Second place... from Curtin
Champion... from Curtin
Group photo of everyone. To see all the photos, click here.

Blood donation today

Are you fearful of blood donation? Actually, it is not that bad... the experience is almost painless! First...
They pricked your finger to get some blood sample to ensure that you have enough blood and...
check the blood group if it is your first time. Remember to ask them to prick the side of the finger instead of the tip as it is a lot less painful. Well, there is actually no pain!
If everything goes well, you will proceed to take the blood pressure and then the actual procedure... purposely blurred here just in case you fainted!
She is obviously frightened because she expected pain! Later she told her friends that there was no pain as an injection is given first!
The group from the NGOs - Red Crescent, Lion Club (organiser), etc
Melilea was there to give out goodies also.
The rest of my photos will be posted on my facebook later.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Instant Nescafe from the tape

When I switched on the water tape this morning at 8:30AM, I was shocked to see how dirty is our water system! So, I quickly get a white bowl to collect the water...
See how brown is our water...
After running for two minutes...
As I pour out the water, I noticed this sediment in the bowl!

Update: I found out that someone is maintaining the water pipe leading to out house. That explain the dirty water!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lotus and Lilies

These were pictures of lily and lotus taken near the General Hospital in Miri.
Lotus... the major external difference is the center part. Lily is available in pink also. To see more of these photos, click here.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fruit picking

I was driving from Leeds to Harrogate and came across a fruit/vegetable farm. The season was on for all the berries. So, we stopped by and decided to see whether we can pick our own fruit... at 4+ pounds per kg. Of course we are not allowed to eat as we pick otherwise the farmer will lose money and eventually have to close down the farm!
This is my favorite .. savoy cabbage. We don't see this in Miri but I think it is possible to buy in Singapore. I like this to be stir fry with bacon.
Strawberry picking. Do you know that strawberry plant is very small?
Closeup view of strawberry....
We didn't pick a lot.
Raspberry ... another very small plant.
Pumpkin ... look, the plant is so small and bear so many fruits! Over here, the creeper crawls everywhere and bear few fruits. We should plant this here!
This is red currant (Thanks to Philip for the name) ... it is sour.
One English lady picked a whole basket of raspberry for making jam.
Gooseberry ... another sour fruit.
More strawberry, they are sweet.
Rhubarb ... the stalk is for making pie. My favorite also!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

CPA Curtin Borneo Business Challenge

    CPA Australia Student Charter (Curtin Sarawak) will be organising a CPA Australia - Curtin Borneo Business Challenge 2010 event on 27th August 2011 at Imperial Palace Hotel.

    This Borneo Business Challenge is a competition that involves undergraduates from public and private universities over the East Malaysia (Sarawak and Sabah). The competition will be jointly organized with CPA Australia.
    The objectives and Mission of this event are:
    • To Nurture the Keenness of Students about the Business World

    • To Encourage Networking among Undergraduates from different Universities

    • To Enable All Students to Show their Business Knowledge and Skills in A Healthy and Fair Competition

    • To Promote CPA Australia Program among Students

    If you are keen to participate, you may download the document by clicking here. If you are not keen, the prizes awaiting may motivate you:

    Champion: Cash prize of RM 2,000, trophies, and certificates of appreciation
    First runner-up: Cash prize of RM 1,500, trophies, and certificates of appreciation
    Second runner-up: Cash prize of RM 1,000, trophies, and certificates of appreciation

    The event:
    Stage One: Multiple Choice Question
    • Multiple choice questions done individually by each team member

    Stage Two: Situation Solving
    • Case study. Points will be awarded based on criteria

    • The 5 teams that get the highest points for Stage 1 and Stage 2 will proceed to the final stage.

    Final Stage: Buzz and Answer
    • Two hours. The team with the highest points will be the champion of the challenge!

    Facebook link:
    Forums - iLoveMiri:

    Financial sponsors: 
    1. CPA Australia - RM5000 (The main sponsors and also the co-organiser for the event)
    2. KPMG - RM2000
    3. Ernst and Young - RM1000