Saturday, August 27, 2011

Blood donation today

Are you fearful of blood donation? Actually, it is not that bad... the experience is almost painless! First...
They pricked your finger to get some blood sample to ensure that you have enough blood and...
check the blood group if it is your first time. Remember to ask them to prick the side of the finger instead of the tip as it is a lot less painful. Well, there is actually no pain!
If everything goes well, you will proceed to take the blood pressure and then the actual procedure... purposely blurred here just in case you fainted!
She is obviously frightened because she expected pain! Later she told her friends that there was no pain as an injection is given first!
The group from the NGOs - Red Crescent, Lion Club (organiser), etc
Melilea was there to give out goodies also.
The rest of my photos will be posted on my facebook later.

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