Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Last month I was in UK attending the graduation ceremony of two of my daughters. After studying there for a good five years, they finally got their certificate to practice. Stephanie got hers last year and she has been helping out financially (in the areas of living expenses) for the other two sisters. Thank you Stephanie for supporting the two sisters and also their banker!
From August this year onward, all three are now working and they are all independent... and this also means paying back time! So on her pay day last month, Stephanie went to the teller machine and drawn two hundreds pounds twice and gave them to mum and dad separately! It was a nice feeling indeed to be on the receiving end first time!

Now, there is a  need to open an account so that they can continue to habitually deposit into that account from August onward so that the brothers will have an opportunity to study also later.
Talking about gratitude, I was saddened by what I read in the paper. Some children can be so heartless to forget about the sacrifices the parents put in. Read these two stories here and here.
I also notice that people are also very stingy when it comes to saying "Thank you". I was sitting in a coffee shop yesterday and observed a family across another table. As the father finished his meal, he stood up and went to pick up tissue papers for his two daughters and wife. As he distributed the tissue paper, not one of them even say thank you and worse, they look so unhappy and grumpy! Have you shown your gratitude today? If not, quickly go and say thank you to your parents or whoever.

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