Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mini Accident Mega Jam

This evening, I noticed that all the small roads near where I stayed...
...  were jammed up with cars. I was trying to fetch Joshua to tuition school. After I was caught in the jam for half and hour, we finally decided that we should cycle to the tuition school! In 30 minutes, we didn't even cover 300 meters! How disgusting! I thought it was a major disaster! So, after "delivering" Joshua, I decided to do some investigation!
So this is the accident, which happened just across the Pujut 7 bridge and just after the petrol station!
Thanks to the tow trubk which arrived at 7:20PM. In just five minutes, the car was towed away!
Literally every road in Pujut was jammed up. I noticed that our drivers are extremely busy body! They all slowed down to look at the unfortunate car! Some of them look for some 5 seconds before moving on! During peak hours, this behaviour is simply unacceptable. Worse, no one respect the yellow box at Pujut 7 traffic light. Do you know the use of the yellow boxes?

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