Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mr Crocodile, can't you just surface?!

In this serene and beautiful man made lake, ...
...  also called the Bulatan Park, lives a small crocodile. The authority let the water out last week and on Saturday night, they came to "catch" the elusive croc using a big net. Of course, there was no success as the men had no night vision. However, most of the fishes were now gone! I think that was their biggest harvest! So, this morning the people from the forestry came again ...
... to try their luck. They were armed with sticks and net. Ok, the cracker should not be for baiting the croc. I have no idea whether there was any success today. Perhaps I will find out tomorrow.
But seriously, will the croc causes any harm to anyone? Someone was worried about the kids! I personally think that it is our fear that has overtaken common sense. I could be wrong here but what has the expert got to say? Remember that the croc has plenty of food in the lake and I don't think they will take on human.

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