Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mr Crocodile, where are you?

In this normally peaceful Bulatan park and man-made lake, someone sighted a crocodile. In fact, my friend who has been walking this park for the past many years claimed that he saw the crocodile last year when it was still quite small.
But how does this crocodile ended up over here, no one really knows. One thing for sure, the crocodile was sighted again a few days ago...
... resting on this abandoned oil well. The authority has since set up bait and net hoping to trap this smart 4-feet long croc! But will the reptile actually take the bait? No one again know. One thing we also know for sure is that this lake is full of fish and the croc may prefer fresh food!
The authority is now releasing the water and hope to find the croc....
The water level has since drop by about a foot! Will the croc simply hide in this hole? Or in the bush? Or climb up a tree (if it can)?..
Or hide under this platform? Whatever, I wish the authority luck in catching this reptile.

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