Monday, September 26, 2011

No chicken in town!

Believe it or not, there was hardly any "whole chicken" for sale for the last one week. I asked around and no one seems to know the reason. One of them think that it was due to the recent Hari Raya celebration. I don't think so. I believe it is the tactic used by the farmer to raise price. So now, there are just a few chicken around and the price is about RM1 higher than usual. Buyers will just buy them. Later, more will be released into the market and the price will still stay. Ok, ok, speculation by me only!
I walked around e-Mart this morning and confirmed that there is no whole "standard" chicken.
ok, chicken heads at RM4.50 (90 pence) per kg. In developed countries, this is for making animal feeds or pet food!
Bishop nose for RM8.50 per kg!! It is a delicacy here! This need to be BBQed! I like it also.
ok, got eggs! Plenty of them. But not very cheap also.
Fine... no standard chicken but there are "old" chicken for sales. These are premium chicken. Oppp... some old hens also. So be careful with "old chicken" as they are good for curry only.
Fine, no chicken, I will look for alternative cheap protein. I bought 4 of these "monk fish" or 和尚鱼 for RM10, ie, at RM5/kg. Many won't eat this fish also as the skin is thick. But more importantly, the body has a row of "dots" which make them looking like the spot on the head of monk! So, I called it "monk fish".
Update 28-Sept-2011: Reported in newspaper today that the local poultry farmer are giving up their chicken farm business!

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