Thursday, November 3, 2011

Anything for sale...

We caught a very cute looking rhino beetle that other day. This fellow is double horned and according to Ah Jon, he thought that the single horn type is more rare. But whatever...
... Joshua thinks that anything is saleable and it all depend on salesmanship! He told us that he will sell this beetle for RM5! I thought that he was joking as no one will be interested in a beetle, what more for RM5! So, on Monday morning he packed it in a box and brought it to school. He not only sold it for RM5 he also got a deal to be the keeper for RM1 a day!
So, is there a better salesman out there who can beat him? He is not even 13. I think his next target is to catch nice grasshopper, which he think should be able to sell for 50 cents!

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