Saturday, December 31, 2011

Chronic Lung Disease Often Mistaken Asthma

Chronic lung disease often mistaken for asthma

During this time, most people still difficult to distinguish between asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or also known as COPD.

This is according to Prof. Dr. Faisal Yoenoes SpP (K), from the Department of Pulmonary and Respiratory Medicine Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia (Faculty of medicine) is caused because the symptoms caused almost the same.

"Sometimes people confuse asthma and COPD. If asthma that typically occurs at a young age and worsened at night. If nighttime increasingly congested, more and more frequent asthma coughing it," he said during the show Socialization Public Discussion Non-Communicable Diseases, Monday, (15/08/2011) and then, in Jakarta.

While COPD is generally experienced at the age of about 45 years and no history of disease or illness in the family. The biggest risk factor for smoking and air pollution.

Early symptoms such as cough with phlegm in the morning to watch as a sign of COPD. Moreover, in people with COPD will experience shortness of breath during walking. Thus, if the person is running slower than people his age, there is the possibility of suffering from COPD.

"The symptoms, cough, shortness of breath, grew worse, so similar to asthma. During this time, people know only asthma alone. Better check your lung function obstruction what already exists or not. If you already have, then COPD," he said.

He also added, for the treatment of people with COPD are not much different with asthma. But the difference is, asthma may disappear with age, whereas COPD can not be cured completely and will continue to deteriorate with age.

Faisal added that so far no exact data on the number of COPD cases in Indonesia. In the near future, about September 2011, Faisal said, Balitbangkes Ministry of Health will conduct the survey together with the Faculty of Medicine to investigate cases of COPD.

"Then we'll know how much. The survey itself will we do for three months, hopefully at the end of the year we have a number of COPD in Indonesia," he explained.

To find out if someone is at risk of suffering from COPD or not, can be easily determined by taking into account Brinkman index. Someone said to be at risk of developing COPD if the index is above 200.

"The trick, the number of cigarettes per day multiplied by the average year. For example if the person smoking 10 cigarettes a day, then if the result is multiplied by 20 years of his 200. So when it's over, he had a risk of COPD, "he said.

Lung Disease Threatens Big City Residents

Lung Disease Threatens Big City Residents - Besides the heart, lungs is one of the vital organs for human life. The lungs play an important role in the respiratory system. This organ exchange oxygen from air with carbon dioxide from the blood. Without lungs, you will be disturbed oxygen demand.

Not only that, there's more work the other lung. The lungs selecting and removing bad particles that enter through the respiratory tract, such as dust or chemicals from pollution.

Unfortunately, we often pay less attention lung health. In fact, lung health indicators disturbed quite easily seen. For example, difficulty breathing when walking quickly or frequently experience coughing. Smokers and people who often sleep late at night was not immune from the threat of decline in lung function.

In order for the health of our lungs to stay awake, Internal Medicine Specialist Hospital Mochtar Riady Comprehensive Cancer Centre (MRCCC) Siloam Hospitals, Jakarta, Martin Rumende advised us to check the condition of the lungs.

"So we know what happens in the lungs. Do not know-know you have been exposed to chronic diseases," said Martin.

Prepare contained breathing

Diseases that damage the health of your lungs is a disease that includes the category Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Chronic lung disease is characterized by the presence of air flow resistance in the airways that is progressive non-reversible or partially reversible.

The cause of airflow obstruction in COPD are chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or a combination of both. Chronic Bronchitis is a respiratory disorder characterized by chronic cough with phlegm for at least three months in a year without the influence of other diseases.

While the anatomic pulmonary emphysema is characterized by dilation of distal airspaces and terminal bronchioles accompanied by alveolar wall destruction. Guidelines for Asthma Diagnosis and Treatment of Lung Association Physician Indonesia mention, often, people with chronic bronchitis showed signs of emphysema.

Not only that, tuberculosis or TB disease caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria are also a threat. This disease is tr`nsmitted through saliva splashes when the patient coughs. There is also a pneumonia which is caused by infection of the lung tissue (parenchyma). Generally, the infection is caused by mycoplasma bacteria peneumoniae.

Lung cancer is the most frightening specter for the body. Therefore, based on medical data, including lung cancer cancer that causes many deaths worldwide, as well as cervical cancer in women.

It had been so, this cancer, as he entered the advanced stage, can grow and spread to other parts of the body. According Suhanto Kasmali, Head of Medical Services Mediros Hospital, Jakarta, lung disease is a serious threat for those who live in big cities with high pollution levels, such as Jakarta.

Therefore, everyone needs to prepare a tool that can protect the respiratory system, such as masks. In fact, the mask is obligatory for motorists as well as those working in the field of construction, such as painters, or a chemical factory workers. Well, did you care about your lungs?

Monday, December 26, 2011

7 resolutions for 2012 to keep fit

1. I will manage stress better
2. Every time I eat, half my plate will be veggies
3. I will do things to sleep better
4. I will watch less TV, and surf less internet
5. I will train 30 mins at least 3x per week
6. I will take care of my soft tissue
7. I will eat more home-cooked food

To read the full articles on the above, click here!

Friday, December 23, 2011

A Merry Christmas to you all

We wish everyone a merry and blessed Christmas and a happy new year. May you be blessed throughout 2012!
Don't forget to drop in at the church to celebrate the birth of Christ on Christmas day.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Awesome things people do

Just want to share this awesome stuff people do. Click here to see them! I am sure you will be entertained. But please don't do this at home as they are too dangerous for the untrained.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Keep track of cancer in the brain - MRI

Keep track of cancer in the brain - Ratings (staging) of cancer needs to be done to determine the type of treatment will be applied. In my case, of five of the most common cancer in the rating, already among the other four are known, the cell type, primary tumor location, size and number of primary tumor and spread to nearby lymph nodes. Just one thing that is not yet known metastasis or spread to other organs.

I think track cancer cells throughout the body more easily done with a PET Scan (Positron Emission Tomography Scan). In this way cancer cells baited charged radioisotopes that can be tracked using a special camera. With one scan of the cancer cells wherever it can be immediately traced. Unfortunately examination with PET scan cost is still very expensive, and time (year 2007) PET Scan not exist in Indonesia. Tracking cancer in my body starts with MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) to track the spread in the brain. It is said that for soft tissues such as brain, the use of MRI is more effective than CT scans.

Unlike the X-ray-based CT Scan, MRI uses magnets and radio waves, the way it works is too complex to be understood. Tools like CT scans, only longer so resembles a large tube with a bed in the middle.

Before the examination I had to fill out a form that contains several questions including whether the installation of metal had to undergo surgery such as bone connective pen, a pacemaker, clip etc.. I have to change clothes with the mantle that has been provided, leaving watches, belts, rings and wallet in a locker. Because this tool uses a powerful magnet, then objects made of metal can be sucked towards him. After the ears are covered head-phones and head-like device inserted into the cage, the officers left me lying alone in the tube.

Of head phones sounded soft instrumental songs. Shortly after the officer gave orders to keep me moving, sounding tubes started humming, growing louder and louder and even then overlaid also with clanking sound. I was afraid, lest the tool is broken and suddenly exploded. But apparently correct paramedic was familiar with these signs. I heard through head phones he told me to remain motionless, and explained that the voice which I heard a tumult was normal.

I think the examination was over when the noises began to subside, but apparently not. A paramedic entered the room and injected with fluid to make the image more contrast. Proses repeated. MRI examination is finished I returned to the ward, because it still needed some more checks.

Bone scan - Tracking cancer in the bone

Bone scan - Tracking cancer in the bone | Tracking of cancer in the bones using the Bone Scan. This tool is part of the development of nuclear medicine. As far as I am in Jakarta only in four hospitals, including Pertamina Hospital Center, where I was referred for bone scanning performed. It seems to work similar to a bone scan PET Scan (Positron Emission Tomography Scan), in terms of detection of cellular metabolism. Difference if the PET Scan cancer cells fed glucose-charged radio-isotopes for metabolic activity (eating), on the radio isotope bone scan (tracer) is used to track metabolic activity of bone cells.

At a certain incident that resulted in damage to the bone, the bone cells will be busy divide to replace damaged cells. This activity makes bone cells absorb the tracer-laden foods are more than the cells of healthy bones. Tracer that emits radioactive signals is then to be monitored using a special camera (gamma camera). Which found high concentrations of tracer (hot spots), you can bet there are abnormalities of bone.

Cancer cells found in bone also will reveal a hot spot, because cancer cells divide faster and eat more than normal cells. Tracer that was caught on camera in order to actually comes from the bone, then the required time (3 hours) and plenty of water to dissolve the tracer in soft tissue. In soft tissue tracer is more soluble than in the bone. Although the activity of bone cells can also be caused by other things such as arthritis and various infections, but if it has previously found the existence of cancer cells such as my case, it should be suspected spread of cancer to bone.

The main tool bone scan consists of a pair of gamma cameras mounted on two arms of the movable track throughout the body. While other equipment in the form of a set of computers that will change the signal from a gamma camera images. Before the scan was performed, first radioactive substance is injected through a vein in the arm. In order to percolate into the bone takes about two and a half to three hours.

During that time I have a lot to drink so that radioactive substances are not needed immediately dissolve. Shortly before the scan is done I have to pee, so radioactive that collects in the bladder does not give the wrong picture. Scanning process begins by creating a pattern of following the trajectory of the gamma camera's curves, so that the camera came with a distance less than 5cm from the surface of the body. The scanning process lasts approximately 20 minutes.

After waiting for about 15 minutes, then the result can be seen that there are activities in which the ribs 8 and 9 (costae VIII and IX). In the ambulance that took me back to the hospital where treated, though had joked with the nurse who drove me, I feel sad that in fact the cancer had spread to my ribs. [cancer]

Free Wildlife Photography book

Wildlife photographer and contributor Uwe Skrzypczak is again making his book
'Wildlife photography: On Safari with Your DSLR: Equipment, Techniques, Workflow' available as a free download. This is available for 24 hours only. So, if you are interested, please click here.
The free download period is:

GMT: 23:01 Saturday 17th to 22:59 Sunday 18th.

For Malaysia time, this will start now and finish at 6:59AM 19th Monday. (We are 8 hours ahead).

Condition for the download is that we are not allow to redistribute as it contravene copyright.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Is your photo blue?

With many function halls switching to LED flood light, ...
... you will have nightmare if you don't know how to adjust your camera accordingly. The LED flood light is simply too cool and also too strong. Our normal eyes will see it as white or bluish white. Even if you switch on your flash light, the picture is still too blue! See this ...
Without correction, even the most expensive camera also cannot beat the strong LED light. The white balance will be completely out!
With correction, the colour can be restored. But how?
Here is how you set your camera:
Use manual white balance (WB) and set it to  between 9,000-10,000. You need to experiment with it.
If you need to use flash, the WB can be reduced slightly to around 8000. But do try it out.
Do not use auto WB.
If possible, set your camera to manual mode.

Drug Free Hi Blood Pressure Control

As usual, I walked at the Bulatan Park and met up with my walking buddy. He is concerned with his rounded tummy where he can't seem to get it flatten. So, I recommended my earlier remedy by walking and elevating the  heartbeat up! Then he went back and went through the internet. He found something interesting. Like squatting to elevate the heartbeat. Then he also said that one Chinese doctor has been massaging three pressure points, cycling and breathing.
Talking about breathing, it was found that it can also control high blood pressure. It was reason that the body automatically response to poor oxygen level in the blood by pumping out more blood. Simple logic is to increase the pressure... so there goes high blood pressure. Now, don't believe me, go to google and enter the key words "High Blood Pressure Breathing" and you will get load of information.
Here is my evidence:
Before I started my breathing, it was 135/90. After breathing exercise for one minute, it drop to the above!
This seems to work even if you are currently on drug. So, if you have HiBP, try it. If you have no HiBP, try it anyway because slow breathing is good for you.

Excessive Perspiration | Lung Wet

Excessive Perspiration | Lung Wet - Many people think a lot of sweat is healthy. In fact, the phrase is actually directed at those from sub-tropical countries, it was in winter and snow. So the phrase is not relevant for use in the tropics as in this country.

In fact, in tropical countries, without any exercise, the body is sweating. In case of sweaty bodies feels uncomfortable, can even lead to falling ill.
One of the diseases that may come as a result most of the sweat is pneumonia. Pneumonia or inflammation of the lungs or pneumonia is so popular, because it often appears as a complication of causes of death especially in patients with bird flu.

Pneumonia is also a trigger complications and causes of death from measles and influenza, especially in young children. The occurrence of pneumonia as a complication of other diseases and causes of these deaths can be prevented, if the body is not disturbed in performing one task importance. That is, the work is usually done the cells that line the inside of the respiratory tract. Each cell has about 200 cilia (a type of hair is very fine) and issued a watery liquid on its surface.

Cilia that move on a regular basis 10-20 times per second without stopping, fluid sweeping velocity of 1 cm per minute to the throat, and then unwittingly swallowed. Normally, dust, germs, smoke, and the like will be attached to the liquid, then wiped from the respiratory tract.

In addition, the liquid is also keeping your airway is always wet. Well, too much sweat, it will cause the liquid to become dry and sticky, so it can be streamed and clump together into phlegm, plus clogging the airways. Airway is blocked causing shortness of breath and coughing. Then, the proliferation of germs can cause bronchitis and pneumonia.

For short-term healing by diluting and removing phlegm and drug use, or commonly known as steam inhalation. There is a more rational and long-term, physiological and easily, namely by preventing excessive perspiration.

Drinking too much will be in vain if the room was still stuffy, because it will come out again through sweat. Understandably, the air is very humid tropical countries (many contain water vapor), so we are very easy to sweat. Water vapor coming out when exhaling reached 11 times more than the air that is inhaled when a breath.

So, in less ventilated room, the air will increasingly humid, CO2 increases and decreases oxygen, so the body becomes very weak, the disease was widespread. To overcome this, the room is not air-conditioned to be always open for fresh air from outside can enter. The fan is useless if there is no fresh air from outside into the room. Avoid cigarette smoke contains many monoxide that can not be cleaned by the air conditioner and beat the oxygen into blood cells.

__read other article about lung health: Tips to keep heart

Monday, December 12, 2011

Season Greetings!

I wish all my readers a happy and blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. May 2012 brings you blessing from God! These two cards are for you...
 You may download them and use them as long as they are not printed for commercial purposes. If you do copy them and redistribute, please do not remove the watermark.
Click the image for a bigger picture.
Picture taken at City Fan, Miri, Sarawak.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

About Time

Six truths about time:

FirstNobody can manage time. But you can manage those things that take up your time.

SecondTime is expensive. As a matter of fact, 80 percent of our day is spent on those things or those people that only bring us two percent of our results.

ThirdTime is perishable. It cannot be saved for later use.

FourthTime is measurable. Everybody has the same amount of time...pauper or king. It is not how much time you have; it is how much you use.

FifthTime is irreplaceable. We never make back time once it is gone.

SixthTime is a priority. You have enough time for anything in the world, so long as it ranks high enough among your priorities.

Christmas Bazaar .. go quickly tonight

Just realised that tonight is the last night of the bazaar. Go there to eat, be entertained and also to meet friends.
 Performance ... beautiful and graceful dances
 2nd hand merchandise
 Randy the chef...make sure you eat his kolo mee
... more food to buy!
See more photos here.

Christmas at Dewan Suarah..Go go go!

Have you been to the Christmas Bazaar and the City Fan? If you have not, please rush over before dinner. You will not regret it. They have food sales, etc. The prices are cheap! Kolo mee for RM2.00, home made pau for RM1.50, good quality second hand clothing for RM1.00 per piece. Don't eat before you go... they have plenty to offer. So, go go go...
 Christmas tree by Samling. If you are a one third rule freak, this photo breaks all of them! But I don't care, it is meant to be broken.
Another angle of the Christmas deco... framed to make my 1/3 rule freak happy!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

He baked his first cheese tart

After observing and helping Janice making cheese tart, Timothy finally got his hand on baking the first successful cheese tart. They tasted good and unfortunately, I cannot eat many as they are simply too rich!
Well done, Timothy. I am happy that he enjoyed baking and now I can relax and enjoy whatever they bake.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How to remove visceral fat (Belly fat)

Visceral fat is fat that surrounds the internal organs.  Some people call it "hidden fat."  It most commonly collects around the mid-section, as this is where a majority or our major
internal organs are located.  Most of this type of fat builds around the stomach area.
Visceral fat is different from other types of fat that are closer to the skin.  This type of fat is more dangerous, and can increase the risks of diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension.  It can also cause high cholesterol.  Developing this type of fat creates a more serious health risk than other types of fat that are stored on other areas of the body.

I attended a talk by a doctor and he recommended walking.
 To remove belly fat, you need to (obviously) exercise. AND you need to ensure that during exercise, your heartbeat reaches 60-70% of 220-your current age. For example, if you are now 50 years old. You need to ensure that your heartbeat is between (220-50)x0.6 to (220-50)x0.7. The heart beat works out to be 102 to 119. At this heartbeat, your body burn fat from your belly! So, when you exercise, measure your heartbeat! There is a heartbeat measuring gadget you could buy from the pharmacy or just count your pulse. To make life easy for you, below is a table showing the age and optimal heartbeat for a flat belly!

30114 to 133
32112.8 to 131.6
34111.6 to 130.2
36110.4 to 128.8
38109.2 to 127.4
40108 to 126
42106.8 to 124.6
44105.6 to 123.2
46104.4 to 121.8
48103.2 to 120.4
50102 to 119
52100.8 to 117.6
5499.6 to 116.2
5698.4 to 114.8
5897.2 to 113.4
6096 to 112
6294.8 to 110.6
6493.6 to 109.2
6692.4 to 107.8
6891.2 to 106.4
7090 to 105

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Confirmed 100% crocodile!

Finally my friend Musa shot this picture today around lunch time... is there any more dispute that this fellow is indeed a crocodile and not just a giant monitor lizard! Our friend from Miri City Council should see this picture!
Thanks to Musa for allowing me to post this picture. The council has finally set up trap! Go to Musa's fb album to see all the photos.

Christmas Parade 2011

Christmas Parade 2011 on 3rd Dec saw a record number in turnout. From the crowd compared to last year, there was a lot more people. But for this year, there was a little less colour.
If not for the heavy rain, it would have been a lot more fun. I could not join the band as the rain was a real nuisance!
Lighting up the huge Christmas tree by pressing the remote button. Datuk Chin Fah Kui had the honour to press the button.
The beautiful Christmas tree ... I think the top part failed to light up.
Congratulating each other...
The Christmas tree will be there for sometime. So, good opportunity for everyone to go over to take some pictures.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Morning and evening time at the Bulatan Park ...
Every alternate day morning, the team changes...
Someone is there to guide you. Actually there are two teams everyday but at different places at the park.
Another team is doing repetitive exercise, so very easy to follow. Just join in!
Or you can be like my buddy who is there every day, morning and evening... just walking and hoping to get rid of the extra weight.
You could develop friendship....
Or you could just do simple stretching and bending...
... or could be training your qi!
... or could be walking while on the way to work.
... or could be doing exercise for speedy recovery. I hope he gets well soon.
Have you been doing exercise regularly? Don't wait until it is too late because sweating out is important for you.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fly Hope

Sarawak Shipbuilder in Kuala Baram made Sarawak proud by being selected by Papua New Guinea to build a couple of ferries. The first of such ferry was launched yesterday at a simple ceremony in Kuala Baram.
The main reasons why Sarawak Shipbuilder were selected was their 100+ years of ship building experiences, a team of very committed family members who has been building ships for three generations in Sarawak, etc.
This ferry has a maximum seating capacity of 150.

Crocodile or monitor lizard?

Deputy Mayor of Miri City Council make a statement in yesterday Miri See Hua Daily news that the ...
... reptile in Bulatan park may not be crocodile but a a giant ...
... monitor lizard!! I was wondering whether he knows how a monitor lizard look like.
I really wish that people at the top do some research and compared photos we publish on the net so that they don't make remark which make them sound so ignorant. So, for the benefit of my readers, the above is how a monitor lizard generally looks like. (photo from Wikipedia) Colour and shape will vary a bit but the features are more or less the same. And...
... this is how a crocodile looks like!
The major differences, when you can only see the head, are the nose and eyes.
 Croc has distinctive eyes and nose well above the water. When they went underwater, it "drops" down like a ...
...submarine. I had not seen monitor lizard behaving in this manner.
He also suggested that more ...
... sign like this should be put up around the park! So if he thinks that it is not croc, why more sign?! Please don't waste tax payer money!