Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Is your photo blue?

With many function halls switching to LED flood light, ...
... you will have nightmare if you don't know how to adjust your camera accordingly. The LED flood light is simply too cool and also too strong. Our normal eyes will see it as white or bluish white. Even if you switch on your flash light, the picture is still too blue! See this ...
Without correction, even the most expensive camera also cannot beat the strong LED light. The white balance will be completely out!
With correction, the colour can be restored. But how?
Here is how you set your camera:
Use manual white balance (WB) and set it to  between 9,000-10,000. You need to experiment with it.
If you need to use flash, the WB can be reduced slightly to around 8000. But do try it out.
Do not use auto WB.
If possible, set your camera to manual mode.

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