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Buncul vs Dragon

Buncul vs Dragon
Angry dragon

Hi viewers , Now I wanna sahre about my Drama , this drama very simple and this darama Have we Use in Ujian Praktek Bahasa Inggris . I hope the Text is beneficial for you . You just Change The Name and you can Change samoe dialogue
Hi every body we  want to tell about narrative text Dragon vs Buncul. In the story have agood intention, moral values and nice wisdom. After we play the drama, please every body keep silent to help we are play the drama.
Main character:
Ayu Lafiefah    : Princess
Aisyah N S    : Queen
Fani Triyatna    : King
Taufan        :  Royal Advisors
Farizki G    : The Dragon
Diki P        : Guardion of Buncul
Umar        : Buncul
Okey ..... in the time we want to play the drama, yap begin......!!!
Along time ago.... the period before century in a world had prosperous kingdom the leader of the King Fani and the Queen Aisyah. They were had a beautiful Princess. The primitive people nice live. Out of the blue the legendries monster came.... there is evil God Dragon.
Dragon    : uahhhhh ( fire ball ) I finally freed from the mischievous witch's curse. time for me to act
-- --
Fani    : Auch..... unlucky..... how were my kingdom, people and history built, there was broken.
Aisyah    : Calm my husband. All problems was broken.
Ayu    : (Ayu was cry)
Aisyah    : Doesn’t cry my swite....
Ayu    : I could not momy?
Fani    : It’s true, you don’t cry, that cry don’t make my problem lost.
Ayu    : I could not do anithing dad, I just made you trouble dad.
Aisyah    : Don’t speak it.
Ayu    : (cry again)
Fani    : It’s very dangerous but I must be safe my soldiers.
Aisyah    : You musn’t it? We were sent ot her people, we held the competition and who other able to killed the dragon got golden, castle ang field.
Fani    : I thing so..... but who isn’t? My soldiers afraid to the legend dragon.
Aisyah    : Don’t like that certain do it, the knight from my soldiers if God consist they could killed the naughty dragon.
Ayu    : I agree with you mom.
Fani    : Oke.
Ayu    : Oh my dady.... already for me dad, I wanted, I want get married. So who could killed the naughty dragon, I willing married.
Fani    : Are you sure my sweat?
Ayu    : I’m sure.....
Aisyah    : What you speak my sweat?
Ayu    : I willing momy? Maybe I could like this. It’s my way. It’s a time for me, I want to help my dady.
Fani    : Okey, if your decision like this.
Aisyah    : Momy support too.
Ayu    : Yes mom.
Next day..... The Dragon appear again in the kingdom. All soldiers, guardian, kingdom assistant was injured. Many built was broken. And the dragon kidnaped the princess.
Dragon    : Huah..... fireball, I want to kidnap you my prinmcess.
Ayu    : Uah.... momy..... dady,!!!!
Dragon    : No body want to helped you!!!!
Ayu    : Mamy...... dady.....!!!! (cry)
So the Dragon succeed kidnaped the Princess.
Fani    : I’m stupid.... I could not safe my Princess........ (cry)
Aisyah    : Enough....... (again again)
Fani    : Dragon rascal..... instigation (speak LOL)
Aisyah    : Enough.... enough.... useless, you just threw your energy?
Fani    : What we were do it? Finished shared my competition for killed the dragon. But not yet someone want to killed the dragon.
Aisyah    : Calm my husband.
Two next days.... for away from the kingdom there were two “Pro Wrestler” that is Buncul and the gladiator Diki Bladder.
Diki    : Boss.... what is it? (dialogue interactive with Buncul)
Buncul    : What? (Buncul read)
------- after read --------
Buncul    :oh I knew  , so in the kingdom still broken cause the dragon ?
Diki    : wow deragon ? still big ?
Buncul    : do you afraid ?
Diki    : I don’t afraid boss during I with you . I ended my promise for served you.
Buncul          : oke you’re really may best gladiator dudue ?
Diki        : yes never mind .
Buncul        : okey ... lets went to casttle Man ?
After heard the news , buncul and the gladiator dikin as soon as went the kingdom.
Buncul        :every body heard , please opened the door of the kingdom , I wana met your king.
Diki        : yes , we wana met your king !
Taufan        : heeh , could you spoke once again !
Diki        : could you oppened the door of the kingdom , please ?
Taufan        : oh I could ..
Buncul        : yes thanks !
Taufan        : never mind , but before you enter , I would ask my king ?
( so taufan got met the king )
Aisyah        : what’s up?
Taufan        :  in the outside there were two bad humans .
Fani        : who there are ?
Taufan        : I don’t knew ,?
Fani        : okey called they to met me ?
Aisyah        : are you sure ?
Fani         : I’m sure
Taufan        : ready boss !
( taufan back again to buncul and diki )
Taufan        : yes , you could to meet our king and queen. They were waited you .
( taufan delyvered buncul and diki for met King and queen )
Fani        : what’s up ?
Buncul        : is it true taht the legendries dragon came and damaged the kingdom ?
Fani        : yes , it is true !
Aisyah        : not only taht the dragon was kidnaped our princess ?
Diki        : our princess , was kidnaped by dragon ?
Fani        : yes.... (cry ) I weak , I don’t do it
Aisyah        : calm my husband....
Diki        : may we help you?
Buncul        : yes , we wanna help you !
Fani        : are you sure ?
Buncul        : I’m sure..
Aisyah        : the dragon still big , you knew ?
Diki        : for may boss , ahh its take easy he could safe our princes ?
Fani        : okey thanks...  I heard by my soldiers , the dragon live at the cave  far away from         my kingdom !
Diki        : wow !
Buncul        : okey let’s , I wanna safe our princess !
( so , they were wanna went to the cave for safe the princess , at the arrounded out door Buncul and diki met taufan)
Taufan        : so what are you doing ?
Buncul        : I’m doing safe our princess
Taufan        : wow best luck and carefully ? I always Prayer You Man ?
Diki        : Okey !
(Buncul and diki to begin his journeyed to safe the princess. During in the journeyed they got some problem, but in short they invented the cave . and they try for safe the princess )
Buncul        : hei ugly dragon appeard me ?
Diki        : yes , appread we uggly dragon?
Buncul        : Woyyy ?
Dragon        : huahhh..... what’s up ?
Diki        : wowow still big ? oh noo..
Buncul        : don’t surrendered !
Dragon        : what’s up ... you very tease !
Buncul        : retruned our princess ?
Diki        : yes.... retruned !
Dragon        : what were you spoke ?
Diki        : hi dude  ?
Buncul        : retruned our princes , if no I want to kill you ?
Dragon        : oh... no , you want to kill me... hahahah ! (dragon attack Fireball )
Buncul        : wow ...  ( keep away from the fire ball dragon )
Diki        : yaw .. very hot . very painful
Buncul        : hey diki bladder , carefully !
Dragon        : yeah...  many years ago.. I was a human like you, cause the naughty witch I became
 naughty dragon ( fire explosion )
Buncul        :  deff !
Diki        :  wind vicious circle ?
Buncul        : oke.... wind blue !
Dragon        : oww... haaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... great fire !
Buncul        : gret entrenchment !
Diki        : lightting mage !
Dragon        : hah it does not feel the slightest knowledge ? ( fire ball )
Diki        : uah.... , ( hit )
Buncul        : carefull man , we must be integrated man ?
Diki        : oke , I trust you !
Buncul        : ahh.... ( buncul and diki integraated ) we must be kill the dragon for safe our
 Princes .
Dragon        : it's useless you knew !
Buncul        : do not have much to say , ahhhh ( double wind light sctroom ) yahhh (attack
Dragon        : oh no... Great fire ....
( buncul and dragon  fighting power struggle)
Dragon        : oh no...... 
Diki        : hore... horei ?
Dragon        : Oh my God , Thanks , and for you thanks you already made me felt happy. Right
 Attack the kingdom for searched who could killed me ? cause I bored to alive.
Already years ago I was cursed by naughty witch , oh thanks at last I could calm
sleep, and met your princess deep in the cave .
Diki        : hore .. hore ..
Buncul        : don’t like that , let’s safe our princess !
(so the dragon was defeated by Buncul and Diki. then they rushed to safe the princess )
Buncul        :  heiy ....  princess Ayu
Ayu        :.... help me ? help help ....
Buncul        : okey  , where are you doing ?
Ayu        : I’m in here .
Diki        : boss look , ( designated the princess )
Ayu        : who are you ?
Buncul        : I’m  buncul and he is my gladiator diki bledder.
Ayu        : would you help me?
Buncul        : yes I can help you ?
(so they returned to the kingdom with the princess. welcome their arrival at the king, queen and royal advisers. )
Taufan         : hore .. hore congratulations ,
King        : thanks for you ... you’re really my best warriors !
Queen        : God always helped us ! believe it .
Ayu        : yes momy
King        : Oh my people today came a best warrior who managed to subdue and defeat the
        evil dragon. empire we are safe now. and to buncul, as my earlier promise that
        whoever could kill the dragon he would get the gold, field , casttle and got married
        with our princess.
Ayu        : okey  , I want to marry the warriors.
(Everyone chrees ) diki    : wuwuh....
 >> cause truthfulness the princess thorought regrettabled , buncul change to becomne a nice boy . nexts days the princess and buncul got married and wedding.finally buncul and princess live happily together. as well as re-prosperous kingdom, people calmed down.   >>>>> THE END ,  (Um)

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