Friday, June 1, 2012

How to make a Paper Boat

How to make a Paper Boat

1.    A paper
2.    Spidol or pen

Seteps    :
1.first of all, prepare your tool and materials

2. second   Fold the paper from top to bottom, bringing together the two opposite ends

3.Fold the top left tip so that it touches the middle crease.

4. Fold the other tip so that it touches the middle crease, and crease the diagonal end.

5. Crease this folded end.

6. . Fold the other bottom flap upward and crease the folded end.

7. . Insert both thumbs into the middle of the folded paper and pull outward.

8. . Hold the two outer tips with your thumbs and index fingers.

9. When you have pulled the tips all the way, flatten the paper.

10. Now check that the boat can stand on a flat surface. If it does not, try to widen the base some more. And decorated your own paper boat with spidol.

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